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Gifted and Talented Courses

University of Southern Maine GT Courses

Summer 2017
SED 667 Social Emotional Needs of the Gifted
SED 662  Productive Thinking and the Gifted Learner

Fall 2017
SED 550  Teaching Gifted Students in the Regular Classroom

Spring 2018
SED 660  Curriculum and Methods for Teaching the Gifted

Summer 2018
EPA 565 Differentiated Instruction
EPA 547  Critical and Creative Thinking

Fall 2018
SED 659  Education of the Gifted and Talented

Spring 2019
SED 666 Models in Gifted Education

University of Maine - Farmington

University of Maine Farmington
Gifted and Talented Courses

Courses are delivered using a blended model which requires only 3 face to face classes either at UMF or at other locations as needed.  Spring 2017 at UMF - SED 532 will meet January 28th, March 11th and April 29th.  To enroll click here.  

SED 532 Developing and Implementing Programs for Learners Who Are Gifted

This course prepares participants to build effective cohesive programs for gifted students, with direction provided by Maine Chapter 104 and the National Association for Gifted Children Program Standards.

Topics include program philosophy, goals and objectives; program models; identification procedures; curriculum and instruction; addressing atypical giftedness; grouping for instruction; teacher preparation; parent involvement; coordination between regular and special school programs; prevention of emotional problems; secondary vs. elementary programs; program advocacy and program evaluation.  

The Certificate in Gifted and Talented Education is designed for practicing educators interested in pursuing opportunities in teaching gifted and talented students.

Completion of this Certificate requires the following four UMF courses:

  • SED 530 Identifying and Educating Learners Who are Gifted - Fall 2017
  • SED 531 Curriculum and Instruction for Learners Who Are Gifted - Spring 2018
  • SED 532 Developing and Implementing Programs for the Gifted Learner - Spring
  • 2017SED 533 Teaching Critical & Creative Thinking in Gifted Programs & Classroom Settings - Summer 2017
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