Maine Educators of Gifted And Talented support teachers and parents in the State of Maine to respond to the needs of our gifted and talented youth. Our mission is to further the common good of gifted education by supporting the development of programs for gifted and talented youth in Maine and by disseminating news and information. We strive to foster the professional growth of educators in order to serve the needs of the gifted and talented and to recognize outstanding accomplishments in the area of giftedness.

Mark Your Calendars

MEGAT is hosting the New England Conference for Gifted Education and Talent Development in Portland, ME at the Holiday Inn by the Bay, Oct. 26-27, 2017.


Del Siegle, Ph.D. and Dina Brulles, Ph.D.

A Message from our Past President…

Dear MEGAT members,

It is with great pride that I can report the New England Conference we held in Portland was a huge success. We have gone through your evaluation forms and confirmed that, for the most part, you found the conference interesting and valuable. An enormous amount of planning and preparation went into this conference and my sincerest thank yous go out to all of those who put their own lives on hold for the months and weeks preceding the conference to ensure that it went off without a hitch.

All of us on the board very carefully watched our finances when planning this conference since previous New England Conferences have ended up significantly costing state organizations. It is just wonderful to be able to share with you that we not only broke even we ended up making some money on this conference. Several unanticipated circumstances contributed to this profit. Firstly, one of our keynote speakers, unfortunately had to withdraw from her commitment to us at the last minute. We were unable to engage another speaker at such a late date so the fees we had budgeted for her participation ended up in our profit column. Secondly, many people ended up booking rooms at the Holiday Inn By the Bay, enough so that the hotel waived the fees for the use of the conference space, a significant savings.

Since some of this unanticipated windfall is due to so many of our members attending the conference, we would like to announce we are planning to present nationally known speakers to speak on important topics in gifted education at our next three state conferences. In addition, we are committed to keeping our registration fees at a bare minimum. This is our thank you to you for your dedication and commitment to the education of gifted students in Maine.

With that in mind, please forward names of presenters and topics you would like to see presented in Maine over the next three years through your regional meetings and board representatives.

Most sincerely,

Ann Luginbuhl, President
Maine Educators of the Gifted and Talented State Board