A Message from our President…

Dear MEGAT members,

On behalf of the Maine Educators of Gifted and Talented (MEGAT), I am thrilled to welcome you to Portland, Maine and the New England Conference for Gifted Education and Talent Development. The MEGAT Board has enjoyed putting together this conference and we are delighted that we can share some of the best innovators and experts in the field with you over the next two days.

This exact conference was my first glimpse into Gifted Education over 10 years ago. I sat in your seats and heard a keynote from Sally Reis and attended breakout sessions by Brian Housand, Liz Fogarty, and Kristina Ayers Paul. I was mesmerized by the pedagogy and felt as though I had finally found my tribe. Gifted Education has been just that for me, a place where I feel accepted, needed, and powerful. The ability to find my tribe gave me that confidence. Little did I know that my professional life would become embedded with those speakers at NECGT. Sally Reis became my doctoral advisor at UCONN while Brian, Liz, and Kristina became classmates and close colleagues in the field. What this story illustrates is that the world is small yet there is such a powerful role from the connections we form. I never would have thought that attending a conference in Portland Maine would change the trajectory of my professional career.

It is awe-inspiring to now be the President of the very organization that opened my eyes to Gifted Education and to be able to help create learning opportunities for other educators. Take advantage of all that is in front of you…visit the vendors, connect with new colleagues, and ask questions to the experts.

Each keynote will be followed with a breakout session led by Dr. Siegle on Thursday and by Dr. Housand on Friday. If you were intrigued with their keynotes and have questions or want to learn more about the topic then attending those breakout sessions would be a perfect fit for you.

Together is how we will move forward in the field. If a rising tide lifts all ships, together we can chart a course for gifted learners. Let’s lift the mast and set sails for the 21st Century! Thank you for attending NECGT!


Ruth Lyons, Ph.D.
MEGAT Board of Directors